What is inequality and why it exists.

How we have used inequality in the name of progress. (Do we still live in the age of slavery?)

Inequality and climate change.

Inequality and human rights.

What can we do today to eliminate inequality?

What will happen, if we eliminated the inequalities caused by gender (16% EU), migratory, racial and age background? If we consciously corrected these discrepancies would people go and stash these money in a Caribbean tax heaven, like a good international corporation does, or will it simply spend it on goods and services badly needed. If you have not thought about it tell me how many disadvantaged people do you personally know with numbered Swiss bank accounts?

Our policy makers and leaders must understand that the money paid out to correct these discrepancies will enter the circle of real economy, where people spend more, as a result more taxes enter the coffers, more jobs are created in order to meet the demand, and repaying public debt becomes easier and feasible. And in the whole process the afore mentioned multinationals and market speculators will become richer instantaneously.

So why don’t we do it. Why we focus so much on cutting benefits, services and salaries instead of using the system for betterment for everyone?