When we look at the values of the great, organized universal monotheistic religions we will notice that their values originate from life itself. Thousands of years ago people got together and after scratching their heads for a while, they came up with the rules they believed will make life better and worth living. Most of their rules and teachings actually make sense.

Today these rules have been incorporated in our laws and constitutions. Most of the political parties around the world represent and protect these religious values.

For millennia the organized religions were the only ones able to give an answer to important questions. How we should live, what is the meaning of life and what happens after we die.

The thing the ancients got wrong was “only” God (who happens to be a man-like, instead of human-like) itself. With strongly defined gender roles, there is no wander that the definition took the shape it still has today. We should not forget, that during these times, man were expected to be not only the providers, but also the protectors. Protectors who were often asked to give up their lives in war time and were expected to make all decisions too.

In our modern world we don’t have to look too deep to see how violent conflicts, gender inequality and discrimination, human rights violations  have their origins in the teachings and practices of one or other of the organized universal religions.

In between can we ask the world religious leaders to change the set of values of their respective religions, and their respective holy books and teachings so people stop killing people in “His” name? “ Change the values of the beliefs so they include everyone! No one deserves to die just because of being different!”. God is in all of us. In everyone and everything. We know that, thanks to genetics. We are more than 60% identical to… bananas.

It seems like a good time for us to stop acting like one. Chewing on the same old ideas over and over again for thousands of years comes very close to the definition of madness. And the outcome remains the same.

And in the process we can speculate what will be the religion of genetically improved future life?